Bin Types

At iDump we use a color-coded two-category system, with bins available in four sizes. We will consult you on your option to select from the four sizes that comprise of 120, 240, 600, and 1100 litres.  For the wellbeing and sustainability of our environment, iDump’s colour-coded bins ensure that confusion is eliminated with the sensible division of general rubbish and recyclables.  All you need to do is dispose of your waste in the correct bin and our iDump trucks will take care of the rest.

Capacity (litres)Height (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)Empty Weight (approx/kg)

 120 LITRE

Our smallest bin is recognised for its robust design and well above domestic grade. They are made using more plastic in the key areas of the bins such as bin body and strengthened around the handles and wheel carriers to last longer.


Iconic in almost every backyard in Australia, this bin size is most popular due to its versatility and durability. The 240 Litre is designed to be used in commercial conditions, but is also suited with domestic use giving it less wear and tear.


This is the bigger size of our bins and ideal for commercial, industrial and construction of general and co-mingled waste. With its size comes stronger reinforcement, its construction exceeds Australian strength and durability standards.

1100 LITRE

The largest of our bins commonly seen in multi level apartments and offices. It is built with quality materials to give its dimensions a tighter tolerance and impact resistance and equipped with solid rubber wheels which have individual foot brakes.